The Right Window Materials for Any Maryland Home

There are four main materials used to create replacement windows. Each one has their own set up unique benefits, ranging from energy efficiency, to beauty, to tradition. At HomeTech we work with Soft Lite to provide our clients with top-of-the-line replacement windows that are specifically designed for Maryland homes. That is why we are the Maryland roofing contractors that residents depend on for their replacement window needs.

Here is a short explanation of each window material we at HomeTech install:


Fiberglass windows are primarily used in commercial properties because of their strength and durability. We install EnergyTech fiberglass windows from Soft Lite, whose fiberglass windows and replacement fiberglass windows are designed to match the beauty of Maryland homes and businesses. They are also guaranteed to be durable and low maintenance.


Wood is the traditional choice for new replacement windows, but is not the efficient choice. Most Maryland homeowners discover that as the years pass, wood windows require a lot of maintenance, including painting and caulking. In the end, most wooden windows eventually give way to rot and need replacing.


Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and cold so residential use is not recommended. However, for commercial buildings aluminum is a very durable option when replacing windows. We install durable aluminum windows and commercial roofing Columbia MD and all of Maryland’s commercial property owners need.


Vinyl windows offer excellent insulation value, never need painting or scraping, and do not rot. The Maryland home improvement industry has started installing vinyl windows in new homes as part of an effort to market a more maintenance free home. Vinyl windows are durable and energy efficient, keeping your home safe from the elements that could cause damage to your home if they penetrated your old windows. Soft Lite is one our nation’s top manufacturers of vinyl replacement windows.


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