Energy Savings

Older windows that are poorly designed, constructed, or installed allow energy to pass through easily, reducing efficiency and increasing your monthly bills. The EPA has even released a study which states that more than 30% of energy that is lost from homes is due to improperly installed or malfunctioning windows. At HomeTech we install EnergyTech windows from Soft Lite, each one designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of your Maryland home.

The MD Roofers with “Low-E” Expertise

If the furniture or other items in your home that are close to your windows are fading, it is due to windows that were not produced to block out UV light. If the temperature of your Maryland homes seems to never decrease even when you are blasting the AC, your windows could be letting in a large amount of IR light, or in layman’s terms- heat.

When IR light enters your home, it heats up whatever it touches. “Low-e” glass reflects this energy, keeping you home cool in the hot summer months. In addition, “Low-E” windows will keep the heat that you pay for during the winter months from escaping. Replacement windows from Soft Lite and installed by HomeTech can help bring down your energy costs year ‘round!

It has been more than a decade since HomeTech broke into the Maryland home improvement industry, and it has long been our goal to save our neighbors money with our services. It is due to our partnership with Soft Lite, one of nation’s top produces of energy efficient windows, that we are the roofing company in Maryland whose neighbors also turn to save them money by installing high quality replacement windows.

So if you need new windows or any sort of exterior remodeling, don’t go seeking out multiple contractors, Maryland. One call to HomeTech and you’ll have access to the widest range of energy saving remodeling service offered by a Columbia, Germantown, or Laurel MD roofing contractor.


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